Victor Borge: Films


Frk. Mollers jubilaeum 1937 dir. Lau Lauritzen. Comedy. Starring Liva Weel, Victor Borge as Klaverstemmer Asmussen, and Karen Jonsson.

Der var engang en Vicevaert 1937. dir. Lau Lauritzen, Alice O’Fredericks. Comedy. Starring Osvald Helmuth, Connie Meiling, and Victor Borge as Komponist Boegh

Alarm. 1938 dir. Lau Lauritzen, Alice O’Fredericks. Starring Lau Lauritzen, Betty Soderberg, Victor Borge as Tjener Caesar

De tre maske fire 1939. dir. Lau Lauritzen, Alice O’Fredericks. Starring Victor Borge as Kontortis-Bojesen, Lau Lauritzen, and Poul Reichhardt

Higher and Higher 1943. dir. Tim Whelan. Musical Comedy. A comedy about a get-rich scheme involving marrying into money. Starring Frank Sinatra, as himself, and featuring Mel Torme, Jack Haley (the Tin Man from “The Wizard of Oz), and Barbara Hale. Borge plays Sir Victor Fitzroy Victor.

The Story of Dr. Wassell 1944 (uncredited). dir. Cecil B. DeMille. Action/Adventure. Starring Gary Cooper and Laraine Day.

The Daydreamer 1966. dir. Jules Bass. Fantasy (animated). A fictional narrative of a young Hans Christian Anderson (written by him) in which he dreams of various characters that would later populate his stories. Tallulah Bankhead, Patty Duke, and Victor Borge as the voice of Zenith, the Second Tailor.

The King of Comedy 1983. dir. Martin Scorsese. Noted meditation on fame, following Rupert Pupkin (Robert DeNiro) as he stalks his idol, Jerry Langford (Jerry Lewis). Also starring Diahnne Abbott and Sandra Bernhard. Borge makes a cameo as himself.